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Reading: Running By Water

Monday, June 22, 2009

8 Yds., 6-Bag Mix, 3/4″ Stone

Saturday, June 6, 2009

When you pour the concrete stiff
and lose a floor by twenty minutes,
no water, no cream to float in swirls
of circles: no sayings apply, nothing
yields, the screeded mess, the green
uneven slab hardens to an entity.

You knew the 6-mil plastic and rigid
insulation would force the moisture
to the top, and when it kicked, your time
would be short, stopping for rolls
and Costa Rican coffee a blunder
of measurable dimensions. No taste

like cement and sweat in lines along
your cheeks to the corners of your lips,
kneeling, all prayers for naught, your deft
ability reduced to scraping magnesium
against the raked high spots: hard, hard,
the bullfloat shining in the one o’clock sun.

You’re the man selling broken cake.
The customer is sitting, out of the sun,
tossing an optic tennis ball in the air.
You’re left saying a French word over
and over, never sure of the la pro-nun
see-ah-see-own, see-ah-shee-own,

the gravel syllables steaming as it cures.