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Registration for Enlightenment

Friday, August 13, 2010

Quiet please . . . please, may I have your invention
of the universe in your own likeness. All applicants

anxious to overpraise your proudest accomplishments,
will find advisors available to foster presumption

and self-reverence, stances newly adapted to exhaust
The Transcendent Mind. For aspirants auditing

pretension courses from the Adjunct Professor of
Reluctance, undue credit for exaggerated exegesis

of innermost journeys remains transferable. It is
with the unparalleled solicitude of this institute

that channels are provided which proffer weight
to endangered theses and elective creeds. Never

before have so few meant so little to so many. We
offer an accelerated transition of the irrational

into an improvised dogma that inhibits revelation
through annotated programs of formatted paths.

Bear in mind that Sanctimony may be substituted
for Astral Influence only by remission of the unseen . . .