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Friday, October 1, 2010

This delightful property has been thoughtfully surveyed
and excavated, and the full foundation has been fully
insulated with recycled glass and Patagonia vests
from fully insured contractors and carpenters who say
they have donated time and materials to much needed
affordable housing projects, while driving nothing more
than a small Tacoma or F-150. Studs are fastened
with stainless star-head wood screws fully packed
by volume in either two or five-pound boxes.

The sheetrock has been hand hammered
and the thorough sanding and painting accompanied
only by acoustic music giving an harmonious aura
to the open floor plan of the rooms. The 9-pitch roof
has been considerately constructed above the framing
and attentively angled for runoff into oaken cisterns.

Landscaping is reverently unfinished, as is the world,
solar gain revolving around our offices, kindly furnished
in Appalachian cherry, milled and planed locally.

We must be seen to be appreciated, our solicitous brokers
reflectively awaiting your sympathetic response.