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Tracking the Storm

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Channel Seven Weather Team giddy
in the studio with warnings and precautions,
urging essential supplies with simple graphics:
blue waves for water, a yellow lantern,
plus signs on red D batteries. Toy colors for
their audience of shut-ins and NON-ESSENTIAL
PERSONNEL, we viewers without plows,
the unproductive slow responders, at-home
shirkers with tremulous companies, missing
this mobilization, the hijinks and festivities.

Such elation! Parking ban on city streets!
Cancellations galore! No evening classes
at Abundance of Life. Little Miracles Pre-School
closed. Road to Responsibility closed. Reporters
drenched in hooded parkas, braced on jetties
for high tide while waves pound the block piers
of summer homes. The station gloats: outages,
impassable interstates; standing by to broadcast
the Governor Live from the State Police barracks.

The wall of snow accumulating at an inch-an-hour,
visibility a problem in this dome of high pressure,
snow in tuba like ovals on the cut stone seawall,
batches of fresh plaster slapped on granite hawks.