Tracking the Storm

The Channel 5 Weather Team is giddy in the studio
with solemn warnings, predictions and precautions
highlighted by graphics—blue waves for water, yellow
flashlights, red pluses on batteries—primary colors for

their target audience of shut-ins and NON-ESSENTIAL
PERSONNEL, we viewers without plows, the unproductive
non-responders, at-home posers and shirkers with careful
closed companies, cut out of the high jinks and festivities.

Parking ban on city streets! Cancellations galore! Clear
Elation! No evening classes at Abundance of Life School.
Road to Responsibility closed. Reporters drenched
in hooded parkas, braced on jetties for high tides swelling

beyond any previously recorded capacity since time began.
The station gloats: outages, impassable interstates, visibility
a problem in this dome of high pressure. Miami 76 degrees,
as if we had to know. Little Miracles Pre-School closed,

the wall of snow accumulating at over an inch-an-hour.
Behold the Doppler—the Governor in the grave barracks
of the State Police pleading with his constituents to stay
OFF the roads; snow in tuba ovals on the cut stone seawall—

mounds of wet plaster slapped on granite hawks.