About John Maloney

John Maloney photo by Alison Shaw

John Maloney has been a stonemason on Martha’s Vineyard since 1978.

A first book, Proposal, was published in 1999 by Zoland Books, Cambridge, MA.

Town of Chilmark was commissioned for the town’s tricentennial and bound in a letterpress printing of a hundred copies. The eight poems became a libretto for a musical composition, written, performed, and recorded by Maria Newman.

Five of the poems in Proposal had been published in Poetry (1980). Three more had been published  in Poetry Northwest. Maloney’s poems have also appeared in Ploughshares, The New York Times Op-Ed page, Agni online and Boston Book Review.

Notre Dame Press published two of Maloney’s poems in The Book of Irish American Poetry: Eighteenth Century to the Present (2007), Zoland Poetry Annual (2007) published three more, and North Atlantic Books published a poem in We Came to Play, Writings on Basketball.

After Work was Column 184 for American Life in Poetry. In March 2010, Garrison Keillor read the poem “Good” for The Writer’s Almanac.

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